Midwest Robotics provides the following robotic (contracted) services:

  • Robot programming (FANUC, ABB, Yaskawa-Motoman, Daihen, Nachi, etc.)
  • Integration of machine vision (FANUC iRVision 2D/3D/3DL, Area Scanner, Cognex - Insight, Keyence)
  • Integration of robotic systems (FANUC, ABB, Yaskawa, Daihen)
  • Maintenance of robotic systems: PM, Emergency part replacement, Software Upgrade/Backup/Restore
  • Training services: at our training center or at your site in areas of Robot Programming, Troubleshooting, Maintenance, PM. Duration: 1 to 5 days to meet specific needs.
  • Engineering Services: Risk Assessments, Safety upgrades, Robot Cell or Process Simulation, Off-line programming and Path Generation, Robot Cycle Time Optimization/Reduction
FANUC Robot integration   Motoman Robot integration
  Motoman Strategic Partner Logo

We have close to 20 years of experience in Robotics. We worked with multiple generations of FANUC robots on RJ2, RJ3, RJ3iB, R30iA, and latest R-30iB controller platforms.

We acquired and maintain unique know-how of FANUC Teach Pendant programming (TPP), KAREL, Simulation (SimPRO, HandlingPro) and many robot software & process features that differentiate us from others. Such know-how helps us integrate robots most cost-effectively and within a short-time frame taking full advantage of powerful technologies.

  We are an official Motoman's Strategic Partner (MSP). We offer highly skilled robot integration, programming, setup and maintenance services of Motoman robots with DX200, DX100, NX100 and XRC controllers.

We have developed unique expertise integrating Motoman robots with state of art Dispensing (Sealing) package, which allows uniform bead profile along complex parts (e.g. glass) with curves and sharp corners.

Our engineers and technicians are properly trained to quickly service Motoman robots: either during scheduled P.M. or during Emergency Part replacement.

Machine and Robot Vision Systems   ABB Robot and Cognex vision intergration

We integrate virtually 3 out of 4 robots (close to 75%) with a vision system. Our vision systems are flexible, easier to use than others and cost effective, thereby meeting today’s and tomorrow’s manufacturing demands.

Midwest Robotics has the knowledge and experience required to design and integrate a robust, yet simple to use vision system. We pay special attention to critical details, such as lighting, optics, software setup and calibration of vision frames, camera enclosures, robot tooling - TCP accuracy, and basic robot mechanical unit accuracy (kinematic model calibration) improvement, etc.

  We have successfully integrated ABB robots that used SC4, SC4Plus and IRC5 robots controllers.

We realized an importance of vision guided robotics earlier than others. Since ABB did not have its vision technology, we had developed our our vision solution for ABB Robots using Cognex vision systems. Our solution for ABB robot vision is "all inclusive" and easy to use for a regular production associate: simple routines to transfer vision offsets, auto job change, proper camera and robot frame calibration, intuitive part & vision database.

Our unique knowledge of fundamental robotic theory, combined with years of hands-on experience allows us bring your ABB robot up and running right the first time than any other "robot" company.
CASE STUDY (e.g. FANUC Vision system*):

compare a part transfer system required for a robotic pickup using two different part aligners:

  Vision aligner* 4-axis servo driven mechanical aligner*
Design and build time 1-2 weeks 4-10 weeks
Turn-key install cost 9,000 USD over 40,000USD
Flexibility 100% 50-90%
Model job change time 1sec 120sec to 60 min
Moving parts NO YES
Spare parts cost $150 cable $2000 per motor
  $750 frame grabber $3000 per amp

We can help you to integrate the following vision systems:

FANUC — VisLoci, VisTracki, V500iA/2DV, iRVision, 3DV, 3D Area Sensor / Laser
Cognex — Cognex Insight 3000-7000 series and PC based software
Keyence— Vision